The Africa Peace Festival aims at bringing together people from diverse cultures and origins, education and religion to display their cultures and commitment to development through peace building.

The Festival is a week long event of music, Arts, Sports & Cultural, Conferences & Workshops.

Over one thousands (1000) people from across the globe will converge in Accra-Ghana, and over 50 supporting organizations across the globe to experience the touch educative events.

Objectives of the Programme:

1. To provide as a safe, peaceful and joyful environment that allows for youth form different backgrounds to overcome their differences and unite for peace
2. To bring awareness and build capacity among youth on critical peace building issues with the objective of creating future peace educators
3. – To provide a forum for the youth to showcase their ideas in solving societal problems
4. – To showcase African rich culture
5. – To promote cultural tolerance and unity in diversity as a commitment to peaceful coexistence
6. – To engage political leaders, civil society, the media and representatives of the private sector with ideas of cultural tolerance and to encourage their commitment to peace, unity and development

Sub-Event under the festival;
International Peace Conference
Peace Education Workshop
Games for Peace
Art and Culture Exhibition
Business and NGO Executives Conference
Peace Concert
Visitation to some Tourist site in Ghana
Peace Awards/Dinner
Durbar and Cultural Display

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