When The Church Creates Institutions in The Community That Employ The Community Is It Acting as The Church

In a society that recognizes the separation of church and state is the secular consideration of God any less about God than the religious consideration? When an organization implants itself in said society as a primary employer for the community at large should the religious convictions of that employer restrict the rights and privileges of the population they employ? When said population overwhelmingly holds a position concerning public policy should the religious ideology of a private employer render null and void the will of the public? The secular societies considerations of God is their religious freedom and it holds sway over the ideology of organizations and institutions that employ the public at large. The public does not harm religious conviction by exercising the rights society affords them. 

The church is not acting as the church when it creates an institution in the community that employs the community. It is acting as an employer. For the church to impose itself in such a way that it is the societies employer, not its church, can it then claim to be offended by the people it employs and the rights they have? I frankly do not understand the logic. If the secular society is so offensive what business does the church have interacting with it at all?

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Dear avyaktha,

It is the business of the world, every religion has been doing the same mistake, younger generation forced to live far away from the holy places. Wide mentality need of the hour instead of mean mentality. 

It is the time to realize one and all. This kind of best comments all are expecting.

thanks lot

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