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Trinidad & Tobago Interfaith Council International

The establishment of the Trinidad and Tobago Interfaith Council International Corporation is to operate as a Cultural and Social Research Institute, and herein referred to as TTICIC.

The TTICIC serves the primary purpose of bringing leaders of the various religious bodies to examine, discuss and implement ideas that are consistent with its mission statement.


Mission Statement: To create and enhance inter-religious dialogue and understanding through education and socio-cultural collaboration.


Goals and Objectives: TTICIC will serve in an educational and cultural capacity to bridge the geographical divide communities in the New York Diaspora.

I. TTICI will establish forums to identify and address historical perceptions and grievances that have prevented closer ties between communities.

II. TTICI will promote and sponsor educational drives among the youths in the form of essays, poetry, and all forms of artistic expression. 

III. TTICI will create a resource center to house artifacts, books essays, documents, films, and related material for members.

IV. TTICI will promote joint musical and cultural themes to commemorate the various holidays of Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States of America.

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Comment by Peace Yoga on November 18, 2013 at 12:10am

In life journey, there are many situations and so many questions you can ask while maintain a prestigious life in society. My faith and belief is we are all here to experience and learn from our action; now, you have reached this far in the process of evolution. As human rather than animal, you can choose to survive to the fullest without hurting or causing any injustice to yourself and your fellow being.

With an intent to increase faith and knowledge to understanding how “loving thy neighbor’s”, will help cultivate a social and moral principle to enjoy the blessing of life here and hereafter. For example, when a person wants to purchase a home or business they look for the right location. The most important thing is the environment. We want to live in a good neighborhood that has good schools for our kids, access for shopping, transportation and a good standard of social living. When you move into that neighborhood the physiological thing to know is, when you contribute morally and ethically to supporting your neighbors or friends, you have helped yourself to prosper. You had contributed to develop a standard for living for your family, friends and your environment, this is how you evolve.

However, if they do not express gratitude, someday someone will extend an open arm just when you need it most. Do it because it is “who you are” and you support the way of life. You are the one who can choose to lead and make a change in the world around you. Remember, when something goes wrong, your neighbor’s is there for you, they influence your living environment and they might be the ones to make the call for help. “Do on to others as you will have others do on to you” and “keep your friend close and your enemy closer”.


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