Rev Brother Sean Bradley TCOSF
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  • Milnthorpe, Cumbria
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Now Podcasting The Thought 4 a new Day

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Introducing my new Daily Podcasts re: Thought for the Day.

Calling the Beloveds to come and share their Spiritual treasures on Livestream

Started Jan 2, 2014 0 Replies

Dear FriendsRe: A Happy and Blessed New Year -2014As we have now entered a new year there is nothing like starting it with a clear mind and heart and here I would welcome whatever support you can…Continue

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Is there a difference between religion and spirituality?

Started Nov 9, 2012 0 Replies

Is there a difference between religion and spirituality?…Continue

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Welcome, Rev Brother Sean -The Barefoot Franciscan

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Wednesday Holy Week “The Seamless Robe”

Details about Brother Sean are available by visiting our website at Heart 2 Sou...
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Profile Information

Religion / Faith
Catholic Christian Lay Monastic Monk who embraces all faiths as a member of the Tau Community of Interspiritual Franciscans
I have attended the Parliament of Religions:
Local Religious Community / Interfaith Affiliation:
Founder of the Tau Community of Interspiritual Franciscans 2008
Website: http://barefootbrothersean.wor...
I have come to PeaceNext looking for:
networking, interreligious advocacy, interreligious exploration, intrareligious reflection, friendship
I am inspired by:
The 4 ecologies given to my heart by St Francis of Assisi where we are invited to emabrace all faiths through love aswell as become a respector of the earth..
An Integrated Spiritual Ecology for Soul Seekers Everywhere.
Francis of Assisi, in his living the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the full, gives us an example of ‘Four Ecologies:
• an environmental ecology, living in harmony with creation and Mother Nature and the Elements.
• a social ecology, embracing all people as brothers and sisters regardless of colour, race or status.
• a spiritual ecology, in praise of the Father Mother God as Creator of all things.
• an interfaith ecology, inviting all soul seekers of truth enter a new concept of living practical spirituality in the modern world regardless of one’s religious persuasions.
The Tau Community of Saint Francis is an online Community of Brothers and Sisters who seek to express and share this 'integrated spiritual vision/ecology' for the sake of and out of love for God’s world by providing the following:
۞ a vehicle whereby mankind can embrace religious diversity without
compromising one’s spiritual values as they search for lasting peace and
reconciliation of all Faiths to unite as ‘One Spiritual Family’ sharing God’s love
for all and to all.
۞ a unique concept of sharing God’s Love through a common sensed approach of
putting practical religious/spirituality into positive action for all who are seeking
peace where mutual respect is essential for the integration of all faiths/beliefs.
۞ an online spiritual community, ( a monastery without walls) based on the core
values of Franciscan Spirituality, where the Creator God is Love and by inviting
all to come and share that love as brothers and sisters by embracing a ‘spiritual
way life,’ from the comforts of their own home.
۞ an online network of Friends providing spiritual support for those in need of
spiritual guidance and daily prayer.
۞ an online network providing spiritual information for those who are guided by
God to advance their spiritual life further.
Brother Sean TCOSF

Tau Community of Saint Francis
Chapel Gap, Storth, Milnthorpe, Cumbria. LA7 7JL
My favorite spiritual places:
The ancient Celtic Kingdom of Rhegged where I now live, Storth, South Lakes.This is a special place where many monks and saints crossed our shores to go to Iona in Scotland.
Another spiritual home for me is Lindesfarne, or Holy Island off the coast of Northumberland, UK. Here most of my CD's and books were inspired in the shadows of the ancient celtic monks who came to the Island from Iona.
Interreligious causes I care about:
Interestingly, for all of my life I could never pray for my own faith (Catholic) as it did not resonate! In a simple fashion I continued to pray for brothers and sisters from different beliefs to come together one day and learn to live in peace acknowledging that as we are all sons and daughters of the ame loving God, it made sense that we came together in Love.
Changes I am working toward in my community:
By 'Walking the Talk rather than Talk the walk.' Since I opted to embrace the contemplative life as an enclosed Interspiritual Franciscan monk, I need to keep my heart more open to the needs of all God's children who are I need to be mindful that I am not alone in my faith journey but that I am part of the Mystical Heart of God. Prayer is my gift to the world and having dedicated my life to God for the restoration of Jerusalem-the Heart Chakra of the world, I daily surrender all that I am to the Supreme 4 interfaith unity and global peace and that the vision of God from St Francis and the Cosmic Christ to establish the Field of Dreams 4 peace that it will materialize when we are more united in our hearts....
About Me:
My name is Brother Sean, also known as Father Ted from the sitcom TV and ‘The Barefoot Franciscan monk. I live as an enclosed contemplative Franciscan monk who embraces all beliefs and none. As a lay monastic living the monastic life from my ‘Monastery without walls,’ its imperative that I use social media and Livestream to be there for anyone searching for spiritual support; hence this blog. I am not a blogger in the real sense but if anyone is willing to show me how to improve this Blog then I welcome their efforts with open arms of franciscan love.
Interestingly, all this came about having visited in April 2008 and had a profound ‘shift’ where I was asked by Saint Francis and Jesus, the Risen Cosmic Christ to set up the Tau Community of Interspiritual Franciscans. Our community
Why not come and join our Brothers and Sisters live for Morning Prayer at: 09.00 AM and Evening Prayers at: 05.00 PM on Livestream where we embrace the Love of the Supreme representing all beliefs and none.
Led by Brother Sean from 12 midnight (GMT); 07.00pm (EST) 4 personal and global Peace and Insterspiritual Unity.
Brother Sean-Barefoot Franciscan Monk

We are each the embodiment of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Please come and share your spiritual love and sit with us around the table of many Blessings on Livestream. Brother Sean Bradley

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Ground breaking News: Forget about the Secret! Our Divine Abundance is now very much linked to A.A.4.P.!

Posted on September 17, 2014 at 3:31am 0 Comments

Blessings on this beautiful Day

Wed: 17th Sept is the Feast of Hildergard of Bingen

Ground breaking News: Forget about the Secret!  Our  Divine Abundance is now very much linked to A.A.4.P.!

Many are…


Heart 2 Soul Podcasts for the busy Pilgrim led by Brother Sean

Posted on June 25, 2014 at 5:04pm 0 Comments

Heart 2 Soul Podcasts for the busy Pilgrim led by Brother Sean:

Daily Live Podcasts for the Mind-Body and Soul by Brother Sean:

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 8:03pm 0 Comments

Daily Live Podcasts for the Mind-Body and Soul by Brother Sean:

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At 2:32pm on April 09, 2015, Peace Yoga gave Rev Brother Sean Bradley TCOSF a gift
Thank You Rev Brother Sean Bradley TCOSF.
At 10:09pm on March 23, 2013, Mystic Tourist said…

Hello Sean,

I do want to thank you for your invitation. It was kind of you. I have yet to take the time to consider it. I simply have not made the time to give the question the consideration it deserves. I told you I would get back to you and this is that. I do intend to think about it and provide your answer, please remind me if I forget.

At 9:20pm on November 18, 2012, Bruce Schuman said…

From Santa Barbara, early evening -- with your music from streaming though -- "We pray 4 peace in Israel, etc." -- thank you for your friend request.

I was here a night or two ago, first looking at your pages -- and tonight wanted to take more time.  Very sweet piece of music I am hearing right now...

"an enclosed monastic"

Well -- an interesting phrase.  I spend a lot of my time "enclosed" as well, here in this fortress apocalypse -- though today I was out there on the Cold Springs trails, in that very light mist.  A lovely Chinese guy way up there with his lady commented that he had just seen a rainbow.  That was sweet and kind, and he was so happy that I understood him.

Just putting this briefly -- I think it's simply true that I have been influenced by many of the same things that have influenced you -- and I might have done exactly the same thing had God made it possible, or opened those doors.  In the mid-1980's, I was dreaming about "the international online church of origin" -- with my funky little computer running in my old pickup camper parked outside of Jane's, the piano player from the salvation army.  And I wrote a lot about such things -- and a few years later, did build UCS -- United Communities of Spirit -- at -- the first domain name I bought, and seemingly a prize -- in my cyber-spirit vision of integral union around common center...

And you -- are clearly a strong devoted interspiritual activist.  Interspirituality -- yes, I resonate to it in just the ways you do, I think, or very similar.  I read about and admired the Essenes.  I did all I could do to follow St. Francis.  I love his prayer.  And I built many other interfaith projects, until I consolidated many things into Interspirit about 2002, at -- such as -- 11,000 quotations there from 600+ books

And now, today -- I am involved in this "Shift" process -- particularly through this "birth2012" concept, because I am connected with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Conscious Evolution.

You -- it seems to me -- are simply radiating the communion, in a very graceful way.  I in my somewhat staggering way -- tend to be "held back" -- as Barbara Hubbard described it, in her recent talk at La Casa De Maria, to the "women religious" there -- who do admire and love her....

I feel that there is a kind of explosive potential -- something like the Shiva energy -- that wants to come through us with great creative force -- and powerful network integration.  The project I have been doing this year -- is "circle2012" -- at -- but it's still mostly quiet.  This vision emerged for me at Easter of this year, after mostly fasting for the period of Lent --

But all of this stuff remains as something like coiled potential -- so much of it, but awaiting the magic enfirement, some crystal anointing emerging through its own inexplicable timing.  So, for me - continuing patience -- and probably more and fiercer mountain hikes, as I drive these penitential things into my flesh, absorbing and containing the "divine coil" -- the kundalini -- the capacity to act -- and to dance...

Thanks for your vision, your radiance.  Maybe we'll talk some time about the Cosmic Christ, and how we can serve and empower it through collective resonance....