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“Spiritual Directions, Religious Ways, and Education,” by Joseph McCann

Robert Wuthnow, Professor of Sociology at Princeton and the Director of the Center for the Study of Religion, has been observing and analyzing American approaches to religion for some decades now.  His distinction of “dwelling” and “seeking” is probably the most helpful way of thinking about attitudes to religion and spirituality today.

Wuthnow explains by saying that there are two mentalities, one interested in stability and security and the other which moves towards exploration and…


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I cannot view previous threads further down in discussion posts

Dear Moderator,

Can you please send me a copy of my reply to GPDC (below) in his discussion post, "Judgement on Human Beings Has Begun..." as I cannot read my full reply to him in the discussion. I can only see it in part on my profile page, but when I click on it to open the discussion thread, my comment is not shown, nor is there further links at the bottom to the next pages of the thread. Can you plaese fix this so I can fully see my reply here, or can you please just send me the…


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Which light is more brighter

Light festival deepawali,Significance Celebration of the victory of good over evil; the uplifting of spiritual darkness
Which light is more brighter
Give me best opinion

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Islamophobic Bullying in Our Schools

Engy Abdelkader

from Huffington Post

“You boys were so much fun on the 8th grade trip! Thanks for not bombing anything while we were there!” read the yearbook inscription penned by the middle school teacher.

The eighth grade yearbook was littered with similar remarks by classmates linking Omar to a “bomb.”

“To my bomb man!” read one note. “Come wire my bomb,” read…


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Here’s Hoping People Will Look Beyond the Turban

This column is modified from a piece I wrote that appeared in the San Antonio Express-News.

Last weekend, a 100-year old man finished a marathon in Toronto, Canada.

Thousands gathered to celebrate his record-breaking feat, and he’s quickly become a global icon.

Fauja Singh’s bright yellow turban and flowing white beard made it easy to pick him out in a crowd of 22,000 runners, and he smiled infectiously as he announced he would donate all his earnings…


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Christianity’s Role in the Occupy Wall Street Movement

As the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests continue to grow, I have been asking myself what role religion should play or has played in this entire situation, particularly how we, as a society, got to such income inequalities and to a culture that values such high…


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Time for victory of light over darkness

by the year. Everyone enjoys the goodies, the shine, glamour, and the endless enthusiasm for living that suddenly grips people around this time. But there is much more to Diwali than feasting and merrymaking. Diwali is a holy tradition, not to be put in the shade by the lights. Deepawali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. bhagwaan mahaveera remove all 8 karmas and attain moksha in this auspicious day its celebrate mahveera nirvana kalyaan all over universe jains also hindhus and… Continue

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What place do people of faith have at Occupy Everywhere?

by Jonathan Oskins

from State of Formation

News agencies were already slow to cover the movement in New York, so it is no surprise that reporting on the involvement of religious people at Occupy Together took even longer. But the wait was worth it, with fellow State of Formation…


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Anand Ashram Community "Attack" High Attorney of Jakarta


Anand Ashram Community "Attack" High Attorney of Jakarta

Monday, October 24 2011 11:42 West Indonesia Time Zone…


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sleeping is art also one desease how explain

dear soul ,

who dont have any problem mentally bodyly can sleep well

sleeping is also one art also one disease

give us golden opinon

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best persons how celebrate life ?

Celebrating is an effective way to anchor your efforts in positive emotions. More approval brings increased motivation to continue taking action. Increased action creates even more reasons for giving yourself approval. It’s a beautiful arrangement

In every culture, nation, and religion there are special times set aside to celebrate life or some significant event. We generally refer to these special times as holidays. Have you ever wondered why people get so excited about holidays…


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Prayer for Corporations

Within the new consciousness

of one world each one of us depends on the welfare of all. One day corporations

will be required by government to cultivate an environment harmonious with

nature. Air, water and soil as well as animals and plants deserve protection,

preservation, and care. Corporations of the past have placed profit over

people, self-interest over justice and oppression over equality, and for the

general public it often has felt like corporate voice and…


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Déjà vu all over again.


Not my friend and want to comment? Just send me a friend request.

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Feeding Stomachs, Feeding Souls: My New Thoughts on Food and the Interfaith Movement

Back in February, I wrote a rather disillusioned commentary on the passing of the inaugural World Interfaith Harmony Week.  I argued that interfaith issues were heady and difficult, and that we cannot expect people to engage in such dialogue over breakfast, as suggested by the UN, when participants have not yet had a chance for a first cup of coffee.


Well, I am embarrassed to say, that I would like to recant my statement.  I think that interfaith breakfasts – and lunches, and…


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Vocation and Failure: How Bachmann, Cain, Perry, and Santorum Can All Be ‘Called’ to Run

According to their own testimony, God has called Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum to run for President. God has even, reportedly, called Mike Huckabee to keep his cushy media job and not to run.  There is no shortage of coverage of these divine vocations. Much of the writing on the subject is barely pronounceable due to the tongue's affixation to the cheek.  One writer after another jokingly complains that God needs to figure it out, make a decision and get with…


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east and west collour full meaning wich is best

Eastern World:

Marriage: White and pink are favorite just as in the western world.

Green: Eternity, family, harmony, health, peace, posterity

Happiness: Red

Helpful: Gray

Wealth: Blue, gold and purple

White: Children, helpful people, marriage,

mourning, peace, purity, travel

Gold: Strength, wealth

Evil or sadness- Just like in the western world- black.

Western World:

Traffic lights: Red means stop, yellow means caution, and green… Continue

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Children and Education

Children are future generation – education is the route to guide the children in the right direction. Modern world children’s are getting two kinds of education. One in the school and the other day today life itself. Former one requires huge investment, time, effort and so on, in the case of latter one requires nothing even though later one more effective, modern generation showing their hundred present effort on this, which is the contribution of elder people of the world.

Wide gap…


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Locking Our Children Away

Sermon for Erev Yom Kippur 5772

by Rabbi Brant Rosen

Cedric Cal was born to a single mother, in a family that lived below the poverty line on Chicago’s West Side. His father had left the family, married another woman and had very little to do with him. His mother Olivia worked constantly, doing her best to keep her family together. As the oldest of four, Cedric became the de facto father of the family and was entrusted with protecting his younger brother, who was…


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Youth Society for Peace (YSP) Nepal is planning to celebrate Day of Prayer and Action for Children (DPAC) 2011

Dear Friends,



Youth Society for Peace (YSP) Nepal is planning to celebrate Day of Prayer and Action for Children (DPAC) 2011 with various program under the holistic guidance of Dr Chintamani Yogi the founder of Peace Service Centre. Pls see the program that we have designed below. If you would like to suggest us without hesitation do send us your feedback with what we have designed to make program a grand success. 


Day of Prayer and Action for…


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Landscapes or Sandscapes? New Atheist Grounds for Morality

I like atheists. I don't like the definite assertion of atheism, since as a believer in God I believe it is false.  But I often like atheists.  Atheists challenge me to think more deeply on myriad issues, including my faith.  Many atheists are gracious with a winsome sense of humor, and act as a prophetic and frank voice to religious believers.  Atheists are my colleagues, fellow nurturers of creative spirit, friends (and perhaps family?) who frequently display the effervescent…


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