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The burning oíkos

I would guess that more than a few readers of the Journal of Interreligious Dialogue and likely several readers of SoF are familiar with the name Raimon Panikkar. Panikkar passed away in August of this year at the age of 91 (NYTimes obit and a tribute by Francis Clooney). His biography is nothing short of remarkable: born to…


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Does Stephen Prothero read SoF?

A reader of SoF emailed me with a link to a new blog post by Stephen Prothero entitled "My Take: Who owns Jesus? Who owns yoga?" The blog may be of interest to some of you since it touches on issues that we have explored in other SoF posts (including my own: Who ‘owns’ religious practice?).

One sentence in Prothero's blog strikes me as particularly problematic:

"Something is lost, of course,…


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Best laid plans of mice and men

This post is somewhat of a follow-up of my last one (Proceeding along the aporetic path), though it may not appear so, at first glance. Both speak to the challenge of knowing what one should do, acknowledging that it is both intentions and results that matter.

We have mice. My wife and I do not like to kill things – I even feel guilty slapping a mosquito on my arm. At first we thought we’d just live with the mice. As time passed,…


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Proceeding along the aporetic path

A recent post by Honna Eichler explores a number of important issues that we might all benefit from contemplating more. Her reflections inspired me to write this post, which responds to the question with which she concludes: “Why you have stayed in religion or prefer to exist outside of it?”

At the risk of reduction and with the promise of brevity, my response is: I have remained involved in…


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