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Arn Allingham, best known as Zingdad, who is the author of the internationally acclaimed, life-altering spiritual book, The Ascension Papers,
as well as three more books that are in the pipeline.
Arn is, however, much more than just an author. He has developed and run an Ascension School programme which is a multimedia experiential journey of discovery and healing.
He furthermore offers one-on-one spiritual healing to clients. Using a combination of guided meditation, hypnotherapy and his powerfully connected intuitive gifts, Arn offers a healing modality called Soul Re-Integration which brings clients to the discovery of their own truth and shows them their connection to the healing within themselves.
The ultimate goal of Soul Re-Integration is to help the client to find and heal lost, forgotten, blocked parts of their Soul.
Over and over again clients affirm the profundity of this experience and how deeply life-changing it is.
Arn lives a self-sustainable life with his life-partner and soul-mate, Lisa, in a home they built themselves up in the mountains of the Garden Route, South Africa.
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Comment by Jeannechristie Drinkel on July 30, 2013 at 4:28pm

Halo Ron,

All our guests  ( and ourselves) give their services as lightworkers for free on the show.

They share their wisdom, but if in the process they are able to sell a few books- these cost money to publish, so I don't think anyone will be making a fortune out of it!

People don't charge for healing, but they often have to charge for their time- everyone has to eat!

if you would like to share your time and message on the show, you would be very welcome!

Love+ Hugs



Comment by Ron Krumpos on July 29, 2013 at 9:23pm

This seems to be an advertisement. '

If his book and services a free, then I am wrong.